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On our website we have many different real estate offers especially for emigrants to Paraguay, which are mainly located in the department of Guairá around Villarrica and the Colonia Independencia.

We also offer larger properties and estancias in the departments Paraguarí, Caazapá & Presidente Hayes.


We hope you will find your dream property with us, such as a beautiful house with pool, a plot of land on which you would like to live and build your own house, as well as a spacious estancia with house or even a villa.

If you have not found anything suitable, you can still contact us and we will respond to your wishes and search for your dream property as well as ask our Paraguayan partners.


Houses in Paraguay

We offer houses and villas, also with pool, of already emigrated Europeans, which are usually well built and also of high quality. Many have built their houses themselves or had them built according to their own ideas and always paid attention to the quality of their homes. Some have returned to their home country, others would like to make their houses smaller or bigger, and therefore put their houses up for sale through us.


Also simpler houses in Paraguayan style are offered by us, which are usually cheaper, but do not correspond to the European or German quality.

These offers are mainly located in the department of Guairá in the cities of Villarrica, Mbocayaty, Yataity, Colonia Independencia and others.


Beautiful bungalow with pool, lake and tennis court in the beautiful small town of Yataity.

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3 different high quality houses in the German Colony "Colonia Independencia" - 2 mit Pool.

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House with guest area and pool on a property of 1,000 qm..

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House on a property of 2.800 qm near Villarrica directly on the asphalt.

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Properties in Paraguay


For those who want to build their own house, we can offer various properties of land that are also suitable for building houses. With these properties we always take into account the location as well as the surroundings and access roads, electricity and water supply. For our own water supply we recommend a deep well, which will provide clean drinking water from the underground water reservoirs.


Also for this purpose we offer different and also very large properties of land in the south of Paraguay. The properties for which investments are suitable can be found in the descriptions.


32 hectare property for building a house and much more - mainly level.

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Hoch gelegenes 42 Hektar großes Grundstück mit Fluß.

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La Colmena

Land with a total area of more than 1,000 hectares for reforestation or cultivation.

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Coronel Oviedo

Very nice property at the end of a road and very quiet location - with creek.

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Farms in Paraguay

Farms / Estancias with houses/villas and pool and also simple houses mainly for agriculture and animal husbandry as well as for tourism in different departments (Guairá, Caazapá and Paraguarí).

La Colmena

Valuable estancia/farm with river, residence, equipment shed and much more on 187 hectares.

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Former governor's residence with mansion in Maciel, Caazapá department..

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Existence takeover

Taking over the existence of a water bottling factory on a 90-hectare estancia in Yataity..

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La Colmena

Estancia/farm with 288 hectares, 2 large villas and other houses - ideal for tourism..

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9 hectares in the mountains

... in the Colonia Independencia near the Salto Suizo lies this beautiful property between the mountains with a stream running through the property.

only 250.000.000 PYG

Select a city of Paraguay

Information about different cities in Paraguay, which might be interesting for you to live there.

Offers, requests & information

What we offer

Houses (also with pool) - in the city as well as in the countryside, land for building & living, for agriculture and more. ...

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Legal about sale & purchase of real estate

For the real estate buyer from English-speaking countries (USA, Canada, GB ...) it should be clear that ...

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We are always looking for offers for interested people

We are regularly looking for new real estate offers for our interested clients mainly in the department of Guairá ...

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Emigrate to Paraguay

Have you ever thought about emigrating to Paraguay? A warm country with many sunny days, where you can live cheaply, pay little taxes and the real estate prices are affordable

A country in South America

The landlocked state of Paraguay borders Brazil to the east, Argentina to the south and west, and Bolivia to the north and west, and is thus located in the heart of South America, roughly between the 19th and 27th degrees south latitude and the 54th and 62nd degrees west longitude. Paraguay is larger than Germany ....

More about Paraguay ...

Emigration - Immigration

To enter Paraguay and also to get the residence permit and the cedula is very easy. You will need a valid passport, which is valid for more than 6 months, a birth certificate, a certified certificate of good conduct and if necessary other documents such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, school reports for school-age children ....

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Immobilien in Paraguay

Paraguay-XXL offers information as well as real estate in Paraguay.


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