What we offer

What we offer

Due to our success in the mediation of real estate in Paraguay for more than 10 years, it has become known that we stand for a clean work in our field of activity and also adhere to the legal rules and laws in Paraguay. Thus we receive predominantly by word of mouth among German-speaking emigrants and also native ones again and again new real estate offers, which we are to mediate in the order.

Houses (also with pool) - in the city as well as in the countryside:

Thus, we can also offer many high quality houses as well as villas (also with swimming pool), which were built by Germans or also other Europeans. On large as well as on smaller properties. We also offer simpler houses in Paraguayan style and always pay attention to the construction quality of the houses. Mostly these houses are located on small properties of land from about 500 m² to about 2,000 m² in the towns or cities. In the countryside from about 1 hectare.

Land for building & living:

Properties from about 1 hectare to build a house and live in Paraguay to feel comfortable in this country and create the desired paradise. We pay special attention to the location, soil conditions as well as the proximity to asphalt or civilization.

Land for agriculture, animal husbandry & reforestation as capital investment or investment:

For those who do not want to have their capital in the bank, but would like to invest, we can also offer various properties up to even over 1,000 hectares, which are suitable for animal husbandry, cultivation or even for reforestation. These are mainly in the departments of Guairá, Caazapá and Paraguarí - in the south of Paraguay.


Estancias / Farms - to live there yourself or also as a capital investment / investment


Estancias / Farms up to 3.000 hectares with houses and pool, villas and also simple houses as well as existence takeovers mainly for agriculture and animal husbandry or also for tourism in different departments (Guairá, Caazapá and Paraguarí, Presidente Hayes & more on request).


Rentals of houses:


Only on request and mediation only on site


Immobilien in Paraguay

Paraguay-XXL offers information as well as real estate in Paraguay.


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