The small town of Yataity is located in the department of Guairá and lies between the two larger towns of Villarrica and Coronel Oviedo and is next to the Ruta. It is also not far from the German colony "Colonia Independencia".

There are very few emigrants living in Yataity, but they all feel very comfortable in this small town. The people are very friendly, accommodating and helpful. You can get almost everything you need to live in the small despensas, butcher shops and bakeries. Fresh fruits & vegetables, meat and other essential food.

Also a small hospital, pharmacies, doctors, dentists, restaurants, cheap accommodation, a hotel and much more can be found in this quiet and clean town.



Yataity is known for the traditional Paraguayan art of embroidery "Ao Poí", in which unique filigree patterns are embroidered on coarsely woven linen fabrics according to ancient tradition. These are then also processed into airy beautiful clothing, curtains, tablecloths and more.


Expo YataityAt the end of each year, Yataity also hosts a 10-day fair, the Ao Poí Expo, which is accompanied by fashion shows and live music in the middle of the center, attracting many visitors from all over Paraguay and some from abroad.

Yataity also has more to offer. Various events take place on a regular basis. Equestrian games, folk festivals, Christian festivals, bloodless bullfighting shows, etc.

If you want to get to know Paraguay on vacation, you should definitely pay a visit to this city.

The photos of the Ao Poí dresses were taken at Artesania Guadalupe in Yataity about 10 years ago and show Gloria with her nephew and the nice then still young neighbor.

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