La Colmena

La Colmena

La Colmena - a town in the department of Paraguarí


The area of La Colmena is very famous for its very fertile soil, through a network of waterways that are fed from the mountains. Many production plants have been established here. The abundance of water gives good yields. The cultivation of fruits such as mango, plums, grapes, peaches, bananas and also the stevia has excelled in this area.

Many Europeans love this paradise area with a total area of about 11,000 hectares.
The city has all the shopping facilities and offers good medical care
Schools, banks, including Western Union and the Banco Nacional de Fomento are located there.
There are also constant new investments in the direction of reforestation.




It is the special soil and the abundant water-bearing streams and rivers that are of utmost importance for a good increase in yield there.

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