Caazapá is a city of Paraguay and also the capital of the department of the same name, Caazapá. It is located west of the department and is 230 kilometers from Asunción. It was founded in 1607 by Fray Luis de Bolaños with the name of San José de Tebicuary and later San José de Caazapá.

The district covers an area of 944 km² and a population of 26,246 inhabitants. This city, composed of Franciscans, shows many of its artistic works from the colonial period. It is an important commercial center and houses most of the institutions of the department.

The fountain "Ycuá Bolaños" is very famous, and according to legend, the same Fray Luis de Bolaños sprayed by the Indians of the place, who had suffered a great drought, asking for proof of the power of the god of which Fray spoke so much. According to the inhabitants, this well has never run out of water even in periods of drought and grants favors to lovers.

Caazapá is a historic city where colonial houses are located in the urban helmet. It was the most important Franciscan discount in the province of Giant Paraguay.

The church of San Pablo of the city dates back to the Franciscan period. In addition, the oratory of San Roque, another relic of the Franciscan period, is in a very good state of conservation.

10 kilometers from the city of Caazapá, a new colony for emigrants is currently being built. Whoever is interested in this, should in any case inform himself about it EXACTLY and INDEPENDENTLY and be aware that in this way, as in 1492, when Columbus started his journey to AMERICA, one is stepping on, so to speak, unknown land, on which almost nothing exists yet and everything still has to be built up.

An idea, a project or an illusion of a "GREEN PARADISE" (in Spanish: Paraiso Verde) is sold by words and promises of a functioning community on allegedly fertile earth, whereby already many have determined that there as good as nothing can grow except pasture grass. Many illusionaries have already sought the distance, explored Paraguay for themselves and settled in other areas.


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