Villarrica - the capital of the department of Guairá

The capital of Guairá, with about 60,000 inhabitants, is both a university town and an aerial health resort in the center of southern Paraguay, near the mountainous Ybytyruzu National Park, which provides a tourist attraction.
Villarrica is one of the oldest cities in South America, founded as early as the 16th century. In 1889 Villarrica was connected to Asunción by the Paraguayan railroad, which unfortunately no longer exists. Villarrica has everything a big city in Paraguay needs:


  • Restaurants, fast food restaurants, pubs, pizzerias, pubs and bars
  • German butcher, German baker and a German pastry shop
  • Hospitals, doctors and pharmacies
  • Banks with ATMs for Visa & Mastercard
  • Parks and lakes
  • Museums and churchesSchools and universities
  • a market, a lot of stores and super mercados (supermarkets)Events such as equestrian games and the annual carnival (among us we always call this the little carnival of Rio de Janeiro)


Villarrica is a city with a lot of potential. With the right idea, self-confidence and a little capital you can build a future-oriented existence here.
Also here we give them tips and advise and encourage you, or advise them against their idea !!, if we are convinced that they really could not survive with it.

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