Colonia Independencia

Colonia Independencia

Colonia Independencia is a municipality in the department of Guairá and also not far from Villarrica. It is located east of the department in the Ybytyruzú Mountains. About 27,000 inhabitants live there, including many Germans, Swiss and Austrians.

It is a center of tourist attractions due to its beautiful landscape and German cultural influence. Independencia is the second largest district of the department, only after the departmental capital Villarrica.

In the late 1920s, a German immigrant surnamed Vogt introduced the first vines and wine production began. In addition to the vine, sugar cane, cotton and yerba mate are also grown.


The Beer Festival or Oktoberfest is celebrated in the German Sport Home, which attracts people from all over the country as well as from Brazil and Argentina. Tourist attractions are considered to be hotels and restaurants, German cuisine and especially the landscape such as the Ybytyruzu Mountains. Whereby it should be noted that it has the highest peak in Paraguay.

There is a German school in Independencia, German butcher shops, German bakeries and much more.


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