Emigrate to Paraguay

Emigrate to Paraguay

„Emigrating from the homeland" is a topic that is becoming more and more interesting for many.

What sounded like an exotic adventure a few years ago has become a tangible topic today, also thanks to television and media coverage. Once the basic decision has been made to turn one's back on Good Old Germany, the next no less tricky question arises: where should emigration take place? The Republic of Paraguay moves thereby ever more into the focus of many emigrants. Admittedly, most of you have probably not really heard much about Paraguay as a destination country. To be honest, I felt the same way when I made the decision 10 years ago to turn my back on my home country and start a new life here.

Many immigrants with whom I had to do in the last decade, told me that it was just the favorable living conditions and cost of living have given the tipping point in favor of Paraguay. Others, in turn, cited the pleasant climate, with its more than 300 days of sunshine, or told me that the "warmth of the Paraguayans" - even in the already open-hearted Latin America - tipped the scales. More and more emigrants, not only from Europe but also from the neighboring countries of Brazil and Argentina, cite the positive economic climate in Paraguay, with one of the lowest tax rates in the world and an annually growing economy. I have also received unanimous confirmation from many globetrotters that the relatively simple and uncomplicated immigration conditions were more than a clear plus in favor of Paraguay.




Overall, I can agree with all of the previously mentioned points.

It is important that you make yourself clear before your emigration, what you actually expect from your new domicile. In my meanwhile more than ten years of work with emigration in Paraguay I am still happy about every message you send me. With pleasure I can give you individually an assistance. Personally, I am mainly active in the real estate sector, but I am also well connected with my partners in matters of daily life, the establishment of business activities and capital investments. Just contact me!

When you arrive in Paraguay, you will receive a tourist visa as an EU citizen, with which you can stay in Paraguay for three months. This can be extended for another three months. If you want to stay longer or even permanently in Paraguay, it is recommended to apply for a permanent residence permit. We are not active in this field ourselves, but we can recommend you people we trust, who have successfully accompanied many immigrations in decades of work. Just contact us in this regard. In general, you only need a proof of capital of USD 5,000, which must be deposited at a Paraguayan bank for the duration of the migration process and which you can freely dispose of immediately after receiving the permanent residence permit. Furthermore, you must bring from Europe, in addition to your valid passport, a birth certificate, a certified certificate of good conduct, if applicable, a marriage or divorce certificate, and for school-age children, a current school report with a stamp of the Ministry of Education. All documents must be certified in advance at the Paraguayan Embassy in Berlin. This all sounds relatively complex at first, but with the right support it can be done quickly and easily.


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