Quiindy is a town in the department of Paraguarí, Paraguay, with about 22,000 inhabitants. It is located approximately 109 kilometers from the city of Asunción, the capital of the Republic of Paraguay.

Very close to the city is the famous Lake Ypoá, a nature reserve with an immense wealth of fauna and flora, one of the most important in the country.

In the district of Quiindy, the population is dedicated to cattle breeding and agricultural production for commercial purposes or for subsistence. The cultivation of sugar cane is noteworthy, as well as the cultivation of cotton and cassava, and the breeding of cattle, sheep, pigs and horses.

Quiindy is famous for the production of balls. It is one of the most important resources and economic activities.  

As adventure and ecotourism can be mentioned the following: Ypoá Lake National Park, suitable places for safaris, walks and beautiful beaches.  Lake Paranamí, with its crystal clear waters, provides a pleasant rest on suitable beaches.

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