Farms also as capital investment in Paraguay


Farms are not only suitable as large farms, but also as value or capital investments. Due to the large land areas starting from about 100 hectares, they can also be used for multiple purposes. For tourism, livestock and animal husbandry, cultivation or also for economic and ecological reforestation.

On some of them very beautiful and very large houses are already available as well as guest or vacation houses. Ideal for tourism.

Ranch in La Colmena with 7 houses

ParaguaríLa Colmena



This Estancia (Ranch) includes 288 hectares. The entrance to Estancia is located in La Colmena after this there leads a private path to the houses. Those are in total about 1.5 km away from the city center.

The houses:

  • 1 very large main house with a tower provides a kitchen, a living room, one large bathroom and several bedrooms, a large terrace, a hot tub, one pool and much more. The whole area around the main house is laid out very nicely.
  • 1 Other large house is almost finish. It only lacks the doors and windows as well as some other small items.
  • + 5 more well-built small houses, which are only a few meters away from the main house.

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General Features

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  • Calle Villarrica Guairá, Yataity

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